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Digital Marketing Consultancy

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Digital Marketing Consulting

Guiding your digital marketing needs to meet your business goals

Hire Salty Lavender as your Marketing Managers, Marketing Team, Digital Marketing Consultants or all of the above. We’ll work alongside you, studying your business, planning a strategy, and advising. Adding that pinch of salt you need to help you and your team reach your business goals.

When it comes to digital marketing strategy, our knowledge, suggestions and improvement options ensure optimal performance, allowing you to exceed your business objectives and goals.

What is Digital Marketing?

An excellent question to kick off your digital marketing journey is: what even is digital marketing? Though the simple answer may be straightforward – all marketing done online – the more complex solution may just provide you with the method you’ve been looking for to reach more clients. Sure, what springs to mind when most people think “digital marketing” is social media, but have you considered:

  • Google Ads – where Google ranks you as one of the very first results and you only pay per person who clicks on your website?
  • Email marketing – sending out a newsletter to keep up interest in your brand, share your successes and maintain that personal connection with people on your mailing list?
  • SEO optimising your website – ensuring you’re using the exact words on your website your potential clients are using to look for you?
  • Content marketing – getting your message out there consistently, using your brand’s voice to connect with your target audience?
  • Affiliate marketing – getting other companies and brands to publicise your product or service on their website or platform?

In short, it comes down to finding out where your potential clients spend their time online. By making sure you’re visible in that location, you make it that much easier for them to find you. More visibility in the right places = more quality leads.

The Key to Digital Marketing is Visibility

We all know that the digital world is huge and ever-growing, so you need a plan in place to achieve the visibility necessary to reach those ambitious business goals.

Our team of experienced professionals starts off by studying your business and the steps you’ve taken so far. In marketing, it often comes down to trial and error until you get it just right, so whether you’ve taken strides or baby steps, any info you have is helpful.

We then take strategic action to spot opportunities and possible improvements, drawing up guidelines to promote and highlight your business in all the right places. We’ll work out the channels most effective for reaching your audience, how they like to be spoken to and how forceful you should be to get them to click “buy”. It’s all a science – one that we take joy in specialising in.


Steps to making sure your Digital Marketing meets your Business Goals

You may have guessed it already. The first step to perfecting your digital marketing is deciding on the channels that work for you. Then comes the fun: crafting messages that speak to your audience, appropriate to the channel.

Ready to make sure your digital marketing meets your business goals?

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