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Social Media Pack

We provide digital experience services to all businesses.

We specialise in creating and implementing social media strategies that involve producing specific B2B or B2C content for various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Tiktok.

By building a promotional Social Media Pack that harnesses the benefits of social and digital technologies, we help you shape the conversations you have with your clients, develop and reinforce loyalty, and attract new clients and partners.

The goal is to use Social Media not as a replacement but as a complementary channel to other promotional methods.

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Create your life's work written on the side of the building

Ready to scale your business on social media?

Social Media Pack includes

  • 15 posts a month
  • Custom content for each social media platform (in line with the strategy devised)
  • Ads / boosted posts
  • Traffic management
  • Content planning and review
  • Monthly reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Constant strategy revision

What do we need from you?

  • A first meeting to know your brand our company;
  • Follow up: just about 10 minutes every 2 weeks to approve social media content. We don’t publish a thing without you seeing it first (Unless that’s what you want us to do, of course)!
  • Your company logo and brand guidelines.


A Digital Experience

Social Media descended upon us and is here to stay, but the extent of its uses are often overlooked. Far more than simply amplifying your message, social media works as a listening channel, a platform from which to gather precious data to feed your company and business decisions.

Do you have any questions for us?

We’re here to help!


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